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Front end body work

By: Robert 01/05/2021

This is how it looked after I removed the front bumper...


Removed the front trailer hitch, Y it was there unknown, all rusty any ways, Junk yard hood and front grille, Got the hood same color as truck, wet-sanded and lots of buffing, the grille was chrome with black vents, I repainted flat black with aluminum vents. to match my theme...


Replaced front bumper support from the bone yard...alot of work to get it str8 as the mounted brackets were twisted from the accident..I tinted the headlight housings, but didn't like how they looked so I ended up replacing them later with dark blue tinted ones...more pictures to come....


New front bumper fascia, , free delivery, came that color too, so great! Buffed out the fog light lens and added a custom grille inlay , Not to bad, Which now u can't see since I added 2 LED fog lights right in the middle and bull bars... pictures of that forth coming...


I also added a pair of Lund hood scoops which I spray painted and clear coated to match and repainted the black plastic grilles in them with silver touch up paint and did the red Lund logo 2, look much better then black plastic.


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