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I have a transmission, "eternal" search

By: Drake 08/13/2019

"Get an R150F" they said. Well let me tell you.

The 1JZ and 2JZ are funny engines, but they are fairly powerful. If I had gone with any old R150F from a 1988 to 1995 Toyota Truck/4runner (read cheap and common) I would have been stuck with a small clutch. What I needed was the unicorn 1996 to 1998 T100 5 -speed setup that came with the 3.4 engine. These later model R150F transmissions had an input shaft that was 0.75 or 1 inch longer than the older model, allowing me to use an R154 clutch, flywheel and bellhousing. This R154 Clutch would have been behind a 2JZGTE and can handle the power very well, and has plenty of aftermarket support. So it can handle the power now, and later down the road when I go full Martin Sheen on the thing.

*Several Eternities Later*

An instagram follower of mine lets me know that he has a late model R150F, with a earlier model R150F tail-housing which will allow me to use a transfer case that is on the passengers side and works with my front end setup. 8 hour round trip and some donut money later, it's mine.

Now i just need...

1jz/2jzgte R154 Flywheel

R154 Clutch

Pilot bearing

Throwout Bearing

Clutch Fork

THEN! I can throw all of this stuff in the truck and find out how much hacking I need to do to make it work.

Putting off wiring as long as I can because I am dreading it.

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