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Wheel Decisions

By: Andrew 08/14/2019

Wheel decisions can be difficult. For the wealthy man can pick a forged rim with custom offsets while most of us have to go find a cast wheel with the appropriate offset/backspace for our specific application. For my car I wanted something different that what most fox mustang enthusiasts go to. This meant all the variations of the 5 spoke Cobra was out, and even the FR500 was out. I love the look of a good OE wheel and one of my favorites to this day is the 93 Cobra wheel. I ran this wheel when I was 4 lug for sometime. It was a classy choice. I almost decided on the Ferrada FR2 but its diameter started at 19" and in my opinion too large for a fox mustang. Inspiration for my wheel choice came from the OE SVO wheel for the era. For the final decision I went risky on a set of 18" Rotiforms. For my next wheel choice when I tub, the American Racing 407 looks good as it comes in a great variety of wide sizes not to mention its huge polished lip. Hoping to run around 315-345 rear tire.

93 Cobra


Ferrada FR2


1985 SVO


Rotiform CCV


American Racing 407


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