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Phase 1 cont.

By: Nelson 08/14/2019

I've made some small progress the past few nights. I pulled the rear axles and got rid of all the drum brake components. I borrowed a ball joint press and got the lug studs pressed into the new 5 lug axles. These are special axles that are the correct length for a Fox Body, but have the SN95 flange for the 5 lugs and they are hub-centric with the SN95 brake rotor.

Once those were in I got them installed with the new brake caliper mounts I got from North Racecars. These allow me to run the Cobra brakes while retaining the Fox track width in the back. If I had used the SN95 axles and brackets the rear wheels would be pushed out .75" per side, and I'd have no chance of fitting those 10.5" wide wheels out back.

Everything bolted up great, even the Ford Anti-Moan braces. Those are hard to find, I'm lucky the rear end I bought had them on it still. They keep the rear brakes from making moaning sounds when turning.

With the rotors being 11.65" out back, I now have larger rear brakes than the original front discs were. Easy to see why it was a little sketchy slowing down from 100+ mph at the drag strip lol.

I'm going to try to fit the wheels with the quad shocks in place first even though I'm sure they'll hit. I have also not cut the rear spring yet, I'm going to see what sort of clearances I have, then cut them and see where I end up. Rolling the fender lip is going to be required. I'll either cough up the money and buy the tool, or do it the ghetto way by cutting and hitting with a hammer. Time will tell.

More to come!

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