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Years without a build

By: Langston 08/16/2019

Start off... I've worked for Holley going on 16yrs. I am the supervisor over the NOS and Holley iNTECH department. For years I never had a project to talk about that I could say "yes I have parts from work on it." LOL. Well that changed after a buddy of mine got tired of the project himself and i had been working on the project with him. So i took it over and paid him to have the truck. The 85 is what i call "the endless project". Due to it is always changing on how I want to build it and the out come I want to have. Originally it was going to be built for straight out straight line fast as we could get it drag. Yes a need for speed was in that. Growing up in a die hard Chevrolet family and my grandfather owning a 80 model growing up. I always wanted a iconic squarebody. And now with that chance I have one. As I work on it it became my peace through a ruff divorce and learning who I was and wanted to be again. Now as a few years have past and I save money spend some and have a great base of people of knowledge I work with. I slowly build the truck into what I want it as. Which is a driver... but hidden go fast junky fix when needed. LOL. So as the days go and years to come I see it will continue to change and form into a crazy build for me and a great learning tool at the sametime.

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