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The Beginning

By: Benjamin 08/19/2019

To start this story, my wife bought me this truck as a Valentine gift to replace the one I had sold at 19 to help pay for our new baby girl that is now 16. she knew how much I loved that truck I had, a 1976 Ford F-150, I worked so hard for the truck. I dedicated every check to it , until I found my best friend at 17 married at 18, then Truck was sold. I was sad but it was worth it for my new baby girl. So fast forward 16 years and she bought me the better version a 1977 Ford F-250. Now the story begins! Buckle up, you won't believe what this truck and I have and are going through! Lots of upgrades and challenges along the way but I document them all.40469D83-D595-4F3A-9020-2120EA32303B.jpg

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