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By: albert 08/22/2019

Found this truck on FB Marketplace in my hometown. Drove 3 hours to go get it. My buddy and I had to add the rubber coil spacers to raise it up high enough to drive it 3 hours back to the house with out dragging the headers. Once we replaced the coils, we found out that the old ones had been cut. They were cut back so bad, you could spin the coil around. Later we added drop spindles. I had to fix replace the starter, flex plate, and all freeze plugs. Swapped in a Tejas Steelworks transmission cross member, this is setting up a LS 4L80e swap. Had the exhaust redone with Flowmasters. Need to install the A/C, because it's hot in Texas. I upgraded the headlights so power pulls from the battery instead of the switch. I have wiring in place for an electric fan.

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