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Rod’ ‘57 the beginning

By: John 08/24/2019

I was gifted this 1957 Chevy shortened strpside from my older cousin Rodney. He passed away in February of 2016. I drove to California in March of 2016 and attended his memorial saw all his old friends and heard a lot of stories of this truck. He had it in high school back in the early 80’s. It had a 427 big block and a Muncie 4 speed. He parked it for years after hitting a deer. It sat in the families yard for about 30 years before he pulled it into the garage and started to work on the body. At some point over the years he had put a ‘69 Chevelle front clip on it. When I picked it up it had the frame outside under a tarp and the cab in the garage along with fenders doors and bed parts in storage sheds. Since then I have built a new Competition Engeneering frame in the rear with a CE 4 link. Welded on a rear braces on a 9” rear end. It has a LS-3 and a T-56 6spd transmission. I have 12 kids that love to help on it and progress is slow but progress.

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