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67 Fairlane history

By: Russell 08/28/2019

In 2016 I had an idea that I wanted to run drag week I had a very nice 67 mustang GT. S code 4 speed loaded with options, that I have had for almost 30 years. A call to Blair Patrick and the wheels starting turning. I bought all the parts to make dragweek in the BB power adder class. As Blair and I came up with a 520 ci FE and twin turbos

got a EFI system up and running on the 390 that was in the car. Then put the 520 in the mustang finally got it running really good. Went down the end of my street made a tight circle and rolled back down the road,nailed the throttle and the car made a hard left turn into the ditch on the side of the road (Detroit locker unlocked) to make a long story shorter the mustang slid across the road when it hit the grass on the other side it dug in and rolled over I took the mustang to a guy that owns a high end restoration shop to see about fixing. He had a 67 fairlane that he had been building to race super stock

it had no engine or transmission we struck a deal on the car. Fast forward to today the 520 is in and now sports twin turbo’s. Looking forward to some dyno time and a bunch of passes down the track. Oh on the street it gets 14 mpg and runs on 93 octane!

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