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Tilt-Away Steering Column

By: Michael 08/28/2019

This was an option on a 1967 Mercury Cougar XR7 and allows the steering column to lift up and to the right when the car ignition is turned off and the driver opens the door.  The tilt-away column had never been serviced and parts on the inside were broken.  I mailed the entire Tilt-Away Column to West Coast Classic Cougars where the column was completely dismantled and rebuilt to like new condition.  The upper knuckle was broken as seen in the pictures and was replaced. All other internal parts of the tilt-away steering column were serviced. The rag-joint was worn completely out and was also replaced.  The column seal at the end of the steering column was missing, the replacement ensures the column is centered and no road debris or foreign objects can enter the column housing.  The entire housing was stripped to bare metal, primed and painted in the OEM black.   The turn signal switch and wiring harness has been replaced since these pictures were taken.


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