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Storage in Payson AZ

By: Michael 09/01/2019

This was the home for the 67 Cougar from 1996-1998 when I went to Pruem AS Germany.  Once returned I removed the car from storage and it went with the family to our next duty station at Randolph AFB, TX from 1998-2001.  During the time at Randolph AFB is when the rusting of the top was discovered.  I received PCS orders to the Pentagon in August 2001, and decided to store the car once again from 2001 to 2016.  The small dark three-sided carport protected the car from the elements.  My late father-in-law removed the car from its hiding place periodically for a run to the mailbox and then back it would go.  He took very good care of my car while I served my country in the USAF. I really do thank him a lot and am sorry he could not be here for the final restoration of the car since he passed away in January 2018.




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