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So this is how it went

By: Brent 09/24/2019

I saw the for sale ad in the thrifty nickel back in 1994. “For sale 1955 Ford F100, $500”. Drove to Belle Rive, Illinois, Paid the man and hauled my newly acquired treasure home. My dad stopped by and we were looking it over when the wifey arrived home from work. She walked over and said “What did you do?” My first thought was Uh-oh! Thinking fast I said, “It’s wonderful, huh? Not as wonderful as you, of course”. She was equally unimpressed by that statement as she was by the sight of my new truck. It didn’t help matters when my dad busted out laughing when I tried to work my charm. Thanks Dad! I figured I would spend about $2500 and have a cool driver in a month or 2. Tore it all apart, built a new house, had a 2nd kid and 10 years later I drove it for the first time. It was put on hold several times. I could never get the money and the time to work on it together at the same time. We have enjoyed this truck for many years now.

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