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Josh's 1970 Jeep CJ5

Vehicle Story


Early CJ5

By: Josh 06/19/2019

I had started a frame off flatfender build 5 years ago and got to deep for the time I had. So I set out to find a solid driving early Jeep I could get that had the Look I wanted. I ran across this peach in the Smokey Mountains about 4 hours from here. Went picked it up and pulled it home on a car dolly with my S10. Got it running and put a lot of miles on it. The Jeep was originally a service Jeep with a F-head 4 banger a T98 Granny 4speed, PTO and a Half cab. It had the remains of what appeared to be a Pump mount on the back that had been PTO driven. It was Safety yellow at some point but had been restored sometime in the 80s to the blue paint you see in the photos. I swapped the old nylon tires out for some Narrow bias-ply Gateway buckshots to keep "the Look" I was after. I loved the Jeep but as my Family grew I needed more room. I traded my Dad for His TJ. He then daily drove the Jeep for a year or two. After many miles the clutch went out and it was decided to swap in a auto. Next thing we know its down to the bare fame and we have ordered a pile of parts. Should be practically new once finished. Nice new springs rebuild brakes new top and some fancy Sniper EFI fuel injection it should be a great little driver.

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