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Max Potential-Not yet

By: Buddy 10/12/2019

Had a shop build my motor. 383 Stroker with hp aluminum heads, bootlegger cam from Lunati, scar crank and rods. Motor won’t rev past 4900-5000 so after several months of trying everything I could think of I took it to a tune shop and discovered I didn’t have 10.5/1 compression but 11.5/1 hence the ping on pump gas. Also that my heads we’re never going to be able to make the power or flow the way the motor need to. Need 210cc intakes with 64cc chambers, as opposed to the 185cc intakes and 64cc chambers. Of course need a bigger carb (just bought the 750 brawler I have) so an 850 is on deck. And of course race fuel. Original 4.56 gears wouldn’t get me to the end (4900-5000rpms) of the track so 3.73 were next. 12.50 et shifting at 4500-4600 rpms is the best so far. I still have 1500 rpms of camshaft Powerband that I haven’t touched yet. Hopefully these changes will allow me to use the max potential that this motor has.

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