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The Superchips JL Wrangler®

By: Matt 10/30/2019

At Superchips, we like to test and develop our products on very capable vehicles. The JL Wrangler is a very off-road capable vehicle right off the showroom floor. However, we don’t leave things stock. With a few modifications, the JL can tackle even more complex obstacles while looking fantastic.

Our first step was to add a larger tire/wheel combo with a lift. We turned to our partners at Readylift to get their 2.5” kit, which allows the JL to clear a 37” tire, while maintaining a great ride. We then shot for the 37” Fury MTs that gave us the look and the clearance we wanted. With the larger tire, we wanted to make sure that no power was lost so we installed the TrailDash2 PCM swap kit. This added nearly 30 HP to the tires, which more than made up for the loss in the larger tire. The TrailDash 2 also allowed us to modify the auto start/stop feature, correct the speedometer for the larger tires, and a host of other options to optimize our driving experience. To increase the airflow, we opted to install the Holley inTech cold air intake kit and the Hooker Blackheart High Tuck cat-back exhaust kit.  This potent combo improved airflow, decreased IATs, and gave us a great exhaust note.

We frequently use this Jeep in diverse areas like the tough obstacles in Moab, all the way to tight trails in the mountains in Northern Utah. Many of those trail runs happening in pitch black darkness. We made sure this Jeep had ample lighting options for the darkest trails with LIT LED. This JL features a 50” single row bar across the hood providing a crazy amount of forward facing light, with 2 sets of the Wide Shot pods providing the peripheral view we need when tackling the tight trails. Just to make sure that lumens were never in short supply, we added a 40” bar across the roof with another 20” bar on the bumper. All of these light bars are controlled on the TrailDash 2 with our EAS Power Switches. 

Finally, the time came to spruce up the exterior to strengthen the Jeep while offering more room for packing for long trips. Expedition one is a great partner that we’ve used on all our Jeep builds. Our JL is equipped with Expedition One bumpers, sliders, spare tire carrier and their new roof rack setup. We now have the strength to tackle whatever trail we steer towards with a Jeep ready for anything.  

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