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Burnout truck

By: Mad shifter 07/01/2019

We have had this s10 for about three years now, another one of my grandfathers creations. It started its life out as a v6 s10, nothing special. My grandfather had 3 other s10's at the time and this was the nicest one he had. so he started gutting the interior while building a 400 for the truck. he custom made his own mounts and chassis reinforcements. after a few months of hard work this beast was born. its been through about three different transmissions due to a lock up convertor being installed. but the truck is back and running as strong as it was when it was first built. It does amazing burnouts 1st to 2nd 6500rpm. it spins all the way up to 70 mph. at 60 it will still spin. we have only raced it once and we topped the truck out at 148 mph. the wrx sti could not get away from us till of course the corners. but the truck is really quick still, with the addition of an 8.8 rear end we could actually get it to grip up to be a real competitor when it comes to street shenanigans.

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