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What's next?

By: Leadfoot 11/13/2019

I purchased this Chevelle the day before Thanksgiving in 2000. Full Hotckis Suspension; Poly Graphite Bushings; Progressive Springs and Bilstein Shocks. It has a full roller 406 backed by a TH400 with a Hughes converter. MSD Ignition with Taylor Pro Wires. It has a completely custom port fuel injection system. The throttle body was milled from a solid piece of billet aluminum and flows 1100 CFM's. It is all controlled by a Camaro 1LE OBD1 computer (Flashed 5 times!!). It has a Suburban delivery pump and a Ford Taurus SHO Pressure Pump, Cobra Injectors and long tube Hooker Super Competition Headers. It's all old school stuff now but back in the day it was state of the art hot rodding. I never wanted to trailer her to the track so I left the 3:08 open... yes open, rear end in it. Best she ever ran was a 13.2 with a 2.6 second 60' time all while hazing that one tire, lol, off the pad and never getting into 3rd on the big end. Mind you, that's not to bad considering she's a one wheel wonder and we're at 7000 feet.

Great car, I've driven her a lot. She has 70,000 one her since 'completed'... are they ever really "done" ??

I'm seriously thinking about doing an LS swap with 4L60E, a 3:55 rear and possibly a turbo... Roll her another 20 years!!!

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