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By: Nathan 11/24/2019

This car is an original 20th anniversary mustang, 5.0 5 speed carbureted. The car come from up north and is an A/C non option, it spent half its life in Dallas Texas where it was sold to a man from Tom Bean Tx. The car had roughly 130k miles on and due to low oil pressure the motor was pulled for a rebuild. Unfortunately life gets in the way and it sat for 5 years in a shop where it was then sold as a roller with the motor on a stand to its current owner me.

Starting with a very limited budget, I started to only clean the car as it was very dirty. Only buying parts that really needed to be replaced, but the more and more I dug into the car the more and more it needed.

Originally I was afraid to destroy the value of the car, but lets be real it is a foxbody not a 65/66 Gt-350, so I thought I want to make it like the real Gt-350s. Remove the rear seats install better suspension, brakes, more power, a road race car you could buy from Ford to beat the Corvette on the weekends. The 84 is a great commemorative car but not a race car by any stretch. In a perfect budget free world I'd love to make it exactly like the 60s fastbacks, blow it apart and make every bolt new, paint, rust issues, dings everything fixed and new. A Foxbody with a better take on the 65, but for now I can just hope to get it running great with a new Sniper EFI set up tank to carb.

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