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By: Patrick 12/11/2019

383 stroker Callie’s dragonslayer 3.75, Howard’s billet rods 5.875, JE/SRP forged pistons -13 dish, thicker piston pins, melding high pressure/volume oil pump 10% if remember right, TPIS/AFR heads, 7/16 studs 1.6 comp cam magnum roller rockers, 224/230 114+4 (looking to upgrade to 231/240 117, 10:1 cr, block o ringed for fire wire, copper head gaskets, 50 lb Holley injectors, 58mm Tb, pacesetter full length headers, Msd pro billet opti, msd digital 6, msd boost @$%&@$, chrome moly drive shaft, 2600 stall, 3.23’s, tranny upgrades for 4l60E, 5 gear planetaries, beast sunshell, all the goodies. Lm1wideband O2, Converted to 411 pcm thinking of doing Holley terminator X Max. Procharger now upgrading to twin turbos and 4l80E

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