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Going to purchase the truck

By: Matthew 07/18/2019

Left out on a Saturday morning for a 9 1/2 round trip to get it. My dad, my brother and me when to get it in my brother truck to bring it back home. The owner wanted $6,500. Ended up getting it for less than agreed on. Loaded it came home and unloaded it. Took the front clip off while locating wires on a bad wiring job harness in truck was very nasty and not organized. Prepped truck for motor pull and ended up pulling transmission and all the next day. Plans are to get parts took off the truck checked for surface rust and stored in the dry and to prep pulled motor for storage until it is rebuilt. Working on pulling 5.3 out of my donor truck and wiring harness etc for the swap. I’m 19 and don’t have much experience in ls swaps so I’m going to take it one step at a time.

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