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what a Peach

By: patrick 12/26/2019

Its now 2nd day of christmas 2019 and i bought this car as a christmas gift to myself last year to use for me to learn on and get a taste of the japanese classic cars seeing as I've had a old Fiat and an old Triumph Spitfire.

So last year i bought this TA23 Celica from 1977 and i wanted to use it as a driver and a project to learn on for my study. I had looked the car over and yes it was rusty but it seemed to drive pretty well oil was in good condition, everything seemed to be fine so I got the money together i had and bought it. I drove it for a week and then i wanted to look into what i would have to do to my project, so i left it for a bit at a friend of mine and it would just violently shake at starting. We started to take out the engine to check it out it was bad the bearings were worn out the pistons were worn this engine was abused and put back together to make it passable (they had even put a M8 bolt in the tensioner to overtension the timingchain). thus started the rebuild of the engine, while doing the rebuild i decided to take a look at the rust that the car had and this too was put back together to make it passable it was a deathtrap and the previous owner knew what he had done.

fast forward a year, the engine is ready and completely rebuild and i'm getting the body back in a week and then i can work to put it back together and customize it the way i'd like

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