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One last ride

By: Tuff 07/20/2019

Fast cars have been a staple in my life!

Our babies are approaching teenage years and will soon become the priority.

We set of to build a nice fun car that could be driving to the track and put a solid lick down!

We reached out to Bennett Race Engines to help with the engine build.

The 8.2 Deck 338 build was decided on and there was no looking back! Bennett Racing Engines deep history with the SBF

guided our build to a graceful completion and supported drivetrain to handle the 1000+ wheel horsepower hydraulic roller 338 SBF effortlessly put to the rear tires!

To manage the car we chose Holley Efi dominator COP with the digital dash.

We simply followed the instructions and were up and going in short time with an unparalleled amount of support from Holley EFI!

Home base located in bowling green KY only made Holley EFI more practical.

we started the car up and based tuned on a dyno( 7 runs) and were ready for the track.

With a whirlwind of thoughts in our heads me and my wife headed toward beech bend for the maiden run.

After a 1 1/2 year build in our suburbia garage the 11 mile cruise across town in the car thru traffic went off without issue and we were at the track!

5 Passes later I struggled to keep my foot on the pedal thru the quarter mile.

The car pulled like a Klingon Freight train on the back half of the track netting a 9.01 at 156 MPH in just 5 passes in its maiden voyage. The only reason we did not go faster was the driver needed more seat time.

We are slowly bringing power up in the car and in 13 total passes in we’ve bested a 8.64 @160 mph quarter mile run.

We believe the car has a 7 in it and will see soon!

nothing better than knocking down a mid 8 second quarter mile run, afterwards leaving the car running to cool down then driving home stopping thru a drive thru to grab a burger on the way!

Bennet Racing Engines with Holley EFI made this project effortless!

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