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Deadpool Camaro

By: Chelo 01/02/2020

I was contemplating buying a project car, found this one with no engine, no transmission, no wiring harness and not even tires but in decent shape and a great price that I couldn’t say no. The plan was to get a junkyard engine and put a cam and headers and make it my daily but things got out of control lol. Everything on that car has been done in my garage by myself. It might not be the prettiest and it might not be perfect but I have enjoyed every second I’ve spend building it and I’m proud of what I have accomplished. It’s a 5.3L stock bottom end with ported heads, cam, trinion upgrades, sniper intake manifold, deka 80 injectors, Walbro 450 fuel pump (I know the fuel system ain’t the best but I have a Magna Fuel 750 and 220 lbs injectors on the way),Rock Solid Motorsport tubular front end, Rock Solid Motorsport turbo headers, 83mm Bullseye billet wheel Turbo, turbosmart blow off valve, 2 x 46mm Precision wastegates, air/water intercooler, Th400 stage 5 w/Transbrake, circle d billet converter, 9” rear end, 10 point rollcage, kirky seat, and few more stuff... now waiting on that Holley Terminator X to get it right.

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