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Flex-a-lite Fail!

By: Andrew 01/11/2020

I should have known that spending $900 on a radiator/fan unit with only a 1 year warranty was a risky venture. I just assumed they would take take of me if something happened... after all it is a $900 radiator.. I had the flex a lite installed for 2 years, 4 months and had only driven the car 6,400 miles in that timeframe. The radiator had 3 leaks in different places during a pressure test. When I called flex a lite - of course the warranty was just one year so they would not help. ‘We’re sorry for the inconvenience,’ they told me!

Now I’m back in business. I purchased a $70 Duralast, lifetime warranty radiator, installed the electric fan and overflow from the former flex a lite setup and installed a custom radiator hold down I bought from Scott Rod Fab. Looks great. Probably cools better than the flex a lite. Jk.

My little helper Liam was a champ and assisted with the install.

2/11/2020 Update!! Flex a lite is owned by some consolidated group. Through working with some people I was able to get a $200 check of 'good faith'. Probably because I was annoying. Hey, squeaky wheel gets the grease.


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