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By: Roger 01/12/2020

I bought this car about 4 years ago, my son and I have been working on it as time allows. I purchased it just a few blocks away, the paint was done but everything else was in boxes including the 360 it came with. The fella that had it before me ran out of money. I've always wanted to build an older Mopar, I've always liked them, but found I couldn't afford even a rusted out Challenger/Charger/Cuda they simply were out of my price range. I wouldn't have picked this colour myself but now that I've had it a few years it's grown on me. Going with a yellow/black combo seems ok now. I have a brand new RTR distributor and Holley 670 Carb on it but I've become enamored over the Holly Sniper EFI so I've decided to change it out, even though I've only ever this last fall driven the car around the block once, the EFI option seems just so much better, lets hope it works well for me.

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