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The overview

By: Gavin 01/13/2020

I acquired Casper for my 16th birthday. I was pumped and very thankful. But being the OCD car nut I am, I quickly began to make a list of things to change and most importantly repair. Needs entire rockers on both sides, passenger front fender and has a couple holes in the floor but it has miraculously passed inspection. Has a shift issue.. likes to hang in 1st and 2nd and needs a rear main seal, which I’m assuming is where the supercharger like whine is coming from (past 4K) but it has 164k miles, 10k of which was from my teenage lead foot.. so I’m glad it even starts still. It’s done me well and it hasn’t left me stranded yet, couple ditches in the winter but nothing this tank couldn’t handle. I plan to keep Casper for a long time, and unless I wrap it around a tree, that won’t change.

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