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By: SPEEEDY95 01/22/2020

My 9th gen 5.0 f150 is the definition of built Ford tough. It's been rolled over an in 2 front end collisions most recent 1 was Nov2019 the pic with headlight strapped on an half the bumper missing is what it looks like right now. My fav show is the Dukes of Hazzard thats why theres 01 on the doors I also have the dixie horn. It also has 176,670 miles on it and it has hid headlights an color changing led underglow. Right now it's bone stock except for the Flow-tech ceramic long tube headers an true dual 2 1/4 straight pipe exhaust with 6inch tips no cats or muffs. I've upgraded the rear fuel tank to a 38 gallon an changed all the dash lights to blue leds an installed a 3 row core solid aluminum radiator off Amazon which leaks. You can check it out on YouTube at SPEEEDY95. most vids are exhaust vids as thats whats requested the most.

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