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A long awaited dream

By: Jerry 02/04/2020

I first wanted a Ford Ranchero when I was 10 years old because my Dad always talked to me about his very first car when he was 17, which was a 74’ Ranchero GT with a 400. It was bronze with orange stripes. His pride and joy. One day he was driving and a car pulled in front of him, he T-boned it which caused the frame to bend. The shop that was gonna work on it left it on the outside of the fence. A couple days later he found out that his car was stripped completely. He couldn’t afford to fix it at that point so he let it go. All these years later I was able to my first project/muscle car haha It was a dream to be able to own a Ford Ranchero GT the same body style like my Dads. Well that dream is reality for me and this 1975 Ford Ranchero GT with a 351m/400 with a C6 is MY pride and joy.

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