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By: BoboB 03/03/2020

To understand how grateful I am one must know a little back story. In 2018 my wife and i had our first daughter. She was born a micro premie at 23 weeks of gestation. Now at the time we lived in a lil one bedroom hunting cabin (that was fine for me and her while we saved up for a bigger place). We thought we had more time but our daughter had other plans. We quickly rushed to get a larger home on the property that we had been buying. All of our savings for sed home had been eaten up due to having to travel 2hrs one way multiple times a week just to see our daughter in the nicu in houston. Shortly after our daughter came home we found out that our second daughter was on the way being born eight months later at 25 weeks of gestation again micro premie. Again by this point our savings had been all but obliterated. However while our second child was still in nicu we decided enough was enough and both mom and I worked as much as possible. Saving every penny possible eating ramen and or beans and rice for what felt like forever. We shortly got word that our second daughter was coming home so we took everything we had and a couple loans and got our home on its way and in its place. Between the time that we moved the cabin and waiting on the new home to be delivered (we ended up losing our second daughter due to health complications) i needed to gut the current house and get everything stored. All while dealing with the loss and staying strong for wife and first daughter. I begged and pleaded for help on fb and through text with friends but we all know how life is and there was no one who could help. Well one day wife calls me and says that she has a friend whos dad is looking to sell his truck. The older gentlemen had recently gotten sick. He is fine but lost enough of his vision that he could no longer drive. He told me that he really didnt want to sell this truck but didnt want to see it sit and fade either. He said the truck had one other owner who used it for the same thing he did which was a minor hotshot/pilot car/hauling jobs. I told him that i understood and that i work at a preventive maintenance shop in town and that i would take care of the truck. I sold both my daily driver a 2001 chevy blazer 2wd v6 and my project mud toy 1999 blazer 4wd that i had got in a trade to make the extra money needed to buy this truck. I will be honest I fell in love with this truck the first time i saw it. It came with a K&N cold air intake already installed along with a very nice Tommy Lift Gate. I knew this was just what we needed. It fit every need we had to fill. Sure enough even to this day it has filled every need we have had as a family. Now i will confess the milage was a bit high on it for my liking @220k miles but before making the purchase I took it to my boss and keep in mind it has been very well kept with regular maintenance throughout all its owners. My boss told me that while yes the milage was high it was in such good condition and had been expertly maintained there was no reason I couldn't get another 200k miles out of it with proper maintenance. So with that I was sold. As soon as she was mine I got her an engine flush and fresh oil with additives to help maintain her. I have continued to make sure all maintenance requirements are met asap. Its not all good though, when I got her unfortunately she had the hummer style rims you see in the picture and a Lincoln type grille which i hated. The guys at the shop would always poke fun saying things like; "Hows the new Lincoln h3 doing? I bet not a lot of people have that." Since then I have replaced the grille with it's stock grille and added a cattle guard. Those two things changed the whole feel of the truck drastically. As for the rims I'm still on the hunt and will hopefully find ones I like fairly cheap. I would like to keep the T265/70/R17's but replace with AT's due to the backroads I live on. Maybe going up to 18's but im not that well educated on tires and rims. I do know I want a little more aggressive tire without going to muds. I'm not sure if she has a lift kit but I think she does have a small lift because sitting next to a stock 2500hd I sit just a little higher, however I dont know if that's bc of the tire. I do know that stock 2500hd comes with 16's. As far as future I definitely want to get the flowmaster cat back system for her and maybe headers. I mean come on I live in Texas and we gotta have loud trucks its almost a birthright (jk). I do apologize that my small story turned into a large one but I felt to truly understand how much I love this truck, one has to understand the events of how and why I acquired this truck.

As an update i was able to find some flowmaster mufflers that have been put on untill i can afford the cat back system. I have also added a full set of BF Goodrich A/T's TA KO2's. Love the look and aggression the tires add to this truck.

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