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1966 Dodge Charger

By: John 03/08/2020

I was 8 years old when mom brought home a brand new 67 Charger. I was infatuated with the car and it became mine when I turned 17. I drove the car for years but when I finally got to where I could rebuild her she was too far gone. I bought 4 other cars and built the 66 I have now. I used as many parts off my original that I could. The first time I built her and raced her running 8:20s in the 1/8th on street tires and through the exhaust. I eventually retired her for a race chassis and she sat in pieces for about 24 years. In fall of 2018 we got her out of the garage and my son and I began the year long process of rebuilding her and replacing the well worn stuff that was not done when I was racing her . I have been driving her now since fall of 2019 but we still have more to do to her.

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