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Summer Tires and New Wheels

By: Nathan 03/17/2020

As the weather is getting warmer we're finally ready for summer tires. I had bought a set of Cooper Zeon RS3-S in a 285/35r19 on black friday (crazy good sales on summer tires then). Now it was finally time to have them installed.

They have been mounted on a set of 19x10 +35 MRR M600 wheels. Essentially a cheaper version of the P51 wheels, but looks the business.

Having some trouble with TPMS sensors though. Am thinking the excellent deal on ebay of those "OEM" TPMS sensors might have been a little too good to be true...

But as for right now I'm loving the new wheels and tires. Parking next to the OEM set of wheels in the garage still reads the old TPMS sensors so it doesn't throw any errors until 25 miles of driving, which is helping keep my sanity for the immediate future.

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