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Donnie Darko 81C10

By: Cory 03/23/2020

I bought the truck as a roller from a guy that raced it before me. He did 3.73’s, Detroit locker and some after market axles to the factory 12 bolt. The rear suspension was addressed as well with a set of custom traction bars and only two of the factory leaf springs remaining. I was quick to drop a 5.3L and TH400 in it. The truck was some what spunky for what it was with the addition of an off the shelf 3500 stall converter, TBSS intake and 90mm TB, 4” cold air intake1.75” long tube headers with dual 3” exhaust and a “93 tune” that I threw together with HP Tuners. Took it to the local track and was able to click off a blazing 15.1 with a slipping transmission. Came to find out that the TH400 had been sitting a LOT longer then I thought. That lead to the 4L80E and a Yank 3600 stall that I was able to get from a local racer that pulled it out of his GTO. Wasn’t able to get it back to the track again, but a buddy and I did find out that the new setup would get out on his bone stock G8 GT. I ended up moving and installed a LJMS stage 1 twin turbo cam and drove it for a while and had some issues with the wiring and the stock ECU that was in the truck so that’s where we’re at now with the next round of mods with the Holley Terminator X Max and dual plenum intake installed while knock out some other upgrades.

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