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By: Wayne 04/10/2020

This car was a gift from my wife for my 59th birthday. We had been battling her cancer for about 6 months when she first told me about getting me a car. I didn't know it but she had already picked this car out but wasn't sure if it was what I wanted. She wouldn't show me or tell me anything about it but said here's what you can spend. I went online searching cars in her price range and after a few hours I pulled up a listing and showed it to her. To both our surprise we had both picked the same car! I called the guy and learned that he had just lost his wife to a rare blood disorder and after me telling him of my wife's cancer, immediately we formed a bond.I drove 6 hours to his hose and drove it home. Best ride of my life. I lost my wife exactly one year later. I show it as a tribute to her. It's latest trophy was being on display for the month of October 2019 in Summit Racing's window. That month was the 3rd anniversary of her passing.

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