1970rs's Drifter

1996 GMC C1500

Sierra SL 262/4.3L V6


Build Points


  • Color: Light Driftwood
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    I purchased this truck in 2020 as a nonrunning stock truck. I trailered it home to just find out that the only thing wrong with it was a clogged radiator and a leaking hose. I quickly repaired it along with some well-needed maintenance items and it was up and running in a few days. I had wanted a good truck as a daily, but it needed to be a little bit cooler than a stock truck, so I set out to make a few modifications. Most noticeable is the 4/6 lowering kit and Ridler wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber. I also replace the carpet, headlights, side moldings, emblems, and bumpers. I also completed a well-needed full detail and buff. The old truck isn't perfect, but it has just the right amount of attitude to make it a super cool daily.

    Future Plans

    In the future, it will get a new heartbeat. It is undecided exactly what that might be.

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