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1975 Chevrolet C10

Cheyenne LS Swap


Build Points


  • Color: Cordova brown
  • Horsepower: 310
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Hello my name is Estevan Maldonado I bought this truck fresh out of high school in late 2011 off the original owner. My truck is a 1975 Chevrolet Cheyenne, when I bought the truck it had a 350 engine and a 700r4. At first I did little mods like sound system tint the windows and installed those 22” ballers and a drop spindle. I always wanted to drop the rear more but the way the original owner had lowered I was unable to until I replaced the leaf springs. So instead of lowering I put some performance mods. First I installed an Edelbrock performance intake. Wasn’t enough so I put a long tube headers, vortec heads, a different intake, 650 cfm double pumper, and 3/4 race cam. I also had the tranny rebuilt and enforced. One day I blew that engine so I decided to LS swap. Dropped a 2000 5.3 vortec with a 4l60e and long tube headers. I blew that tranny and just recently did a 4l80e swap. I proceeded to lower the rear cause I got my hands on some leaf springs so as my truck sits right now I have a performance tune on my 5.3 and a 4l80e for transmission, with long tube headers, 3.73 posi rearmed too.

    Future Plans

    My future plans are to tub the whole truck and still keep the factory a/c. Upgrade the suspension to something stiffer and or bag it. For sure some heads/engine work because I love the speed. A possible cam depending if I find the correct one to give me some low end (I love the torque). Maybe procharge or supercharge it. Build the tranny of course, big breaks all the way around also and re do my interior with bucket seats and in peanut butter brown.

    Wish List: To finish my truck

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