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Agent Smither's Project 83

1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais

Base LS Swap


Build Points


  • Color: white
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

My 1983 T-Top Oldsmobile Cutlass is a project that I was looking for and for the price of $225 not a bad deal to start out with. I've had many Oldsmobile Cutlass in my past as a teen. I know that it is going to take some times to finish off this project since priorities comes first. So it's a process that I know the joy of compilation and the satisfaction along with a huge smile is going to be worth it in the end. Follow me on Youtube as I try keep you up to date:

Future Plans

My future plans for the vehicle is to LS swap it with a 6.2l along with a 5 speed manual strip/drag transmission to back it up. Maybe in the long run a nice set of twin turbo.

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