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2011 Dodge Charger

SE 220/3.6L V6


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  • Color: Gray
  • Drivetrain: AWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    I started with look of my car. Seat covers, steering wheel cover, floor mats. I then removed the paint on the front which was originally all black... cleaned it off and made it chrome and red. Plastic dipped the Charger emblems on the back from chrome to red. Those are the only two things i’ve Done to the outside of the car. Within the next two weeks I plan to paint the factory rims I have on just fun and for the winter till next summer.

    Future Plans

    Would like to get a new muffler put on. I have a v6 and haven’t really heard too much good things about trying to make a v6 sound louder and better but we all have our own opinions. And after I might lower it a little bit. Last thing I want to do is put a new sound system in it.

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