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Ranger Randy's

1984 Ford Ranger

XLT 5.4 331 Stroker


Build Points


  • Color: Blue
  • Drivetrain: 4x4
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Had this truck for 20-25 years an I’m on my 3rd-4th rebuild / over haul . Did a 302 V8 swap when I 1st started an added old school bronco Danna 44 front an 9” rear . Started with 35” tires now I’m on 39.5 Boggers with about 10” lift over all . Suspension , body an a couple other lil tricks to get up there . C-6 tranny , NP 205 T-Case . Just added twin stick shifters , new paint , all new engine rebuild - stroked my 302 out to 331 . Pushing 500+ HP ALL NEW everything under the hood on this build so to much to list . Not all installed yet but it’s getting close . A week or 2 an I’ll be firing it up .

    Future Plans

    Finish getting my engine installed an up an running with the new engine build (331 stroker) an no more carb .. I got the Holley Sniper EFI system started so I’m excited to get it running but no hurry I like my stuff pretty lol

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