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1935 Ford Model 48

Standard Small Block Chevy Swap


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  • Color: Viper Red
  • Horsepower: 385
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Car was my Uncles. He bought it back in 1962. He taught me how to work on cars with the vehicle. From brakes to engine builds. When he passed in 1995, my father and I got it. I decided to build it as a tribute to him. Had to buy a rolling chassis as the frame was pretty rusted up. The new chassis consisted of a 1936 frame boxed in the front, with a Heidt’s Mustang II front end, and a leaf sprung Ford 9in rear. I originally rebuilt the 1963 327 SBC, with aluminum heads and a Lunati cam. I kept the 11:1 domed pistons in it and bolted it to a TH400 transmission. This motor proved to be to much for that frame as it shook the car so bad that it cracked the paint over the doors on both sides. So I replaced it with a stock Vortec 350 out of a 1999 GMC truck. Using a new aluminum intake and a 670 Street Avenger carb, this motor was much more suited for this car. But it spun a bearing and sat for several years until I could save up enough money to buy a crate motor. I bought a dual carb Fast Burn 385 crate 350 from Pace Performance. This setup looked the part for a Street Rod, however the two four set up was hard to keep tuned, so I chose to go with fuel injection. Now I have always been on a budget because I have two kids, and by this time they were both just about ready to be in college. So I went with the Fi-Tech fuel injection for the price. It was before Holley brought out the Sniper series. So the car is basically done. I do have some future plans for it though..... This car is a Cruiser and I drive it some, it doesn’t have much safety gear, and I’m going to work on that this winter. I’m going to change the interior some and make it safer for me to drive.

    Future Plans

    New chassis with either a LS or a Coyote 5.0 with a blower, and a overdrive trans. Add AC and heat. Sound deadening and heat damping. Seats with built in seatbelts and some bear claw doorstrikers and locking mechanisms.

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