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Paul's The Rex

1990 Honda CRX

Si 98/1.6L L4


Build Points


  • Color: Black
  • Drivetrain: FWD

Vehicle Overview

Full forged internals with CP 11:1 dome top pistons, Eagle H beam rods, balanced rotating assembly, bored .20 over, D16Z6 VTEC conversion head, P28 ECU tuned on Neptune. With 8 degrees of timing @$%&@$$$ on the Dyno to keep from detonating with Crower Stage 1 cam and estimated 13.5:1 compression it made 125 whp on 93 octane pump gas. Stock head and cam now installed and anxious for retune at full timing. Turbo kit currently test fit but not installing this kit. I built the motor to take at least a 125hp shot of nitrous if so chosen. My tuner talked me out of using nitrous at the time of build but I may use it now

Future Plans

Low boost turbo/Intercooled set, supercharger, or nitrous......or turbo+nitrous if it can be tuned

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