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Gregory's Garage Dayz

2009 Nissan 370Z

Base LS Swap


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  • Color: Platinum Graphite
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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    I'd like to set the pace with this - I am not an engine builder. My trade by day is in computer information systems. I have a passion to learn new skills, and devote many hours learning automotive crafts. My long time friends own a performance shop based out of Kalamazoo, MI (Auto Dynamix) and have offered guidance through out my journey (a lot of guidance). Now to the good stuff. The power plant is a custom LS1, specifically an aluminum block L33. Originally the engine was a 5.3 but I've opted to destroke with a 4.8 crank to make a higher reving engine. Rain water Caused the cylinder walls to pit due to how the engine was recovered. Cylinders bore has been punched out to make the displacement roughly 5.0. All the internals are over built because I want to make this beast reliable. Perhaps you will see me on Hotrod Magazine's Power Tour? Another goal is to have the worlds fastest 1/2 mile 370z. However, the main goal is to have fun through out the process of this swap and enjoy the end result for years to come.

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