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1977 Chevrolet C10

Scottsdale Small Block Chevy Swap


Build Points


  • Color: crazy nice blue
  • Horsepower: 435
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

Bought in 2011 for 6 grand from a dealer in Oregon state with only 36,421mi on it* 1st purchase ever off of EBAY. Showed up with a 165hp 350 engine and a TH350 tranny with an open 3.08 rear end. Hmm ... I think a few changes need to be made. As it sleeps in my barn for now (during winter), I've added a 435hp / 383 from ATK engines ... a TCI built 700R4 OD tranny spooled through a 2800 converter and had my local FWD shop install an Auburn Gear (cone style) posi unit with 3.42 gears ... which, combined with the 3.06 1st gear gives me a roughly 4.20 ratio off the light and 1800RPM on the highway going 65mph! Almost left out the 10.4" wide M/T sneakers I'll have tied to the axles.

Future Plans

I seriously thought of Nitrous ... however after reading up and watching videos, so NOT the way to go for the street... at least for my gig. I don't drag race for a living. 2nd option was Edelbrock's Multi EFI. My problem with that > +$2,200! SO, I've settled on a Holley 650 double pump. Also really want a Gear Vendors aux gearbox which will gimme 8 gears instead of 4. BUT, that'll have to wait >>> $3,000.00 bucks for that. Maybe next year. Lastly, since I'm a welder/fabricator ... I'll fab up a custom dash panel out of 1/8" aluminum and fill it with my 9 AutoMeter gauges. Should look sharp*

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