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1997 Toyota 4Runner

Limited 3.4L V6


Build Points


  • Color: Desert dune metallic
  • Drivetrain: 4x4

Vehicle Overview

Got this on a while hair in July of 2019, it had been badly beaten. left under a tree With the windows down for a little more than a year. I pulled it home with the help of some friends and started working on it. Had to buy a second 4runner for parts, the front diff was blown, Brake lines were bad, someone used oil in the power steering. The rac and pin were shot, tie rod ends, ball joints, wheel bearings, control arm bushing, upper control arms, the radiator had a large radius and parts of the lower core support had been damaged.

Future Plans

Lots of under body armor (skid plates, bumpers, rock sliders, etc) Interior work Adjustable suspension component front and rear Replace the current lift with something better Magnuson/TRD supercharger for Toyota’s 3.4

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