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2000 Pontiac Firebird

Formula 350/5.7L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Red
  • Horsepower: 400
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

I'm building this car to be a corner-oriented GT car capable of driving to and from track events. Currently, it has Detroit Speed rear arms and bars, Global West front uppers with stock lowers, and Eibach Sportline springs and Bilstein HD's. The car also sports an '06 GTO trans mated to an H/C/I LS1 I assembled in the garage after rod knocking two stock motors on track. The most noteworthy mod to the car is the set of BFG Rival S's with a 315mm track width on all four corners, which probably contributed to the rod knocking. She grips.

Future Plans

I'd eventually like to have a bit of aero and a more complimentary suspension setup on the car. Right now it's suffering from some aggressive bump steer and the lower axle brackets need to be offset to address an issue with binding in the rear. The global west uppers also leave a lot to be desired. They feature Delrin bushings, which is nice, but the ball joints are affixed to flat plates which flex noticeably. A set of front uppers that give me adjustability or at least better static caster numbers without sacrificing strength would be nice. I'm also in need of a good set of coilovers; more adjustability, in general, is highly desirable. I'd also like to have a Holley ECU on it for a myriad of reasons; data acquisition among them.

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