J-Sizzle's 2003 LoCost 7

2003 LoCost Seven

Series 3 Toyota 4AGE


Build Points


  • Color: Silver & Teal
  • Horsepower: 135
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    This car is a scratch built replica of a Lotus Seven that I built in 2002. The car was built using plans in a book called "Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as 250 (Brittish Pounds)". This book shows how to build the car using a donor vehicle for most of the drivetrain & suspension. The car is street legal and weighs about 1,400 lbs. Engine: 1987 Toyota Corolla 1.6L Twin Cam 4AGE Motorcycle Throttle Bodies - Suzuki 600GSXR Fabricated Intake Manifold Fuel Injection Custom Made Header Billet Timing Pulleys Transmission: 1987 Toyota Corolla 5-Speed Manual Rear Axle: 1987 Toyota Corolla 4.30:1 Final Drive Limited Slip Differential Front Suspension: Custom Made A-Arms Coil-Over Shocks Mustang II Spindles & Brakes Rotors Re-drilled to match Rear Axle Bolt Pattern Rear Suspension: Custom Made 4-link w/ Panhard Bar Coil-Over Shocks Wheels: SuperLite - Similar in design to Minilite or Panasport wheels Chassis: 1.0" Square Tubing - Space Frame Body: Aluminum Sheet Riveted Onto Space Frame Fenders, Cowl & Nose are Fiberglass Front Fenders Attach to Spindles & Turn w/ Wheels Steering: Coleman Rack & Pinion

    Completed Modifications

    Drivetrain/Transmission/Differential (1)
    Engine/Drivetrain (1)
    Interior (1)

    Future Plans

    Install Larger Fuel Injectors & Fuel Pressure Regulator - fuel needs exceed 100% duty cycle in some situations. Install Holley GPS Speedometer - Current Speedometer doesn't work correctly

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