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1970 American Motors AMX

Base 390/6.4L V8


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  • Color: Sonic Silver / Shadow Mask
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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    Owned this stud since 2005 . It is a rare 70 AMX with the 390 and a 4 speed. It also has factory A/C , factory Leather , tilt and 8 track player. It was a rough car but it did run when I bought it . 1970 390 is a one year run motor,A 68/69 390 are not the same and in 71 AMC went to a 401. This 70 390 is 60 over with Ross forged pistons which teamed up with the factory forged rods and crank give me a little bit help. I installed a Elgin 520 lift cam ,Doug Headers .The MSD wires and dist and 6al box give enough fire to the mighty Holley 830 HP Nascar Carb. 80511-1 Which woke this car up after dumping the old E word 800.

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