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1973 Plymouth Satellite

Sebring Plus Hemi Swap Gen III


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  • Color: Brilliant black pearl
  • Horsepower: 1000
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    My satellite started out life as a small block then a big block and now it’s a 6.2 GenIII hemi. I found this car in the middle of some woods with a fence post drove through the rear floor pan. I drove this car through high school and most of college and was racing it on Friday nights. I have always had a passion for building race cars primarily drag cars and pro touring cars. So this car has now become my rolling business card. It’s almost finished and ready for the world to see. My goal for this car is to take to the drag strip and pound on it and then drive it anywhere with reliability. The engine is controlled by the dominator ecu and the fuel is supplied by the drop in fuel cell pump. Every fitting, hose, electrical piece and clamp is from Holley. These products are awesome and I will definitely continue using them. I have a Facebook page HP Racing give me a follow to keep with the build.

    Completed Modifications

    Engine Management (ECU) (1)
    • Dominator EFI ECU
      The new standard in EFI with virtually unlimited capabilities! Integrated electronic transmission control, drive by wire throttle control, dual wideband oxygen sensor capability, extensive amount of inputs and outputs for various combinations, and much more.
    Fuel System (1)

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