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1967 Plymouth Barracuda

Base Hemi Swap Gen II


Build Points


  • Color: black
  • Horsepower: 875
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

Original 340 4 speed formula s that i drove to the track way back in 1995 to see what it would do.Ran good for a 340,i think i averaged 13.5- 13.2. So in 1999 i decided to stuff a Ray Barton 471 Hemi in it and the chase is on. Now it has a 528 normally aspirated in it with a Pro Trans built 727 and a Dana 60 with 4:56 gears. tubular front end ,disc brakes all around 14point cage. The car weighs 3465 with me in it and the best i have done is 8.93 at 154 m.p.h.

Future Plans

Car has been put away for over 10 yrs, and i think i'll blow off the cobwebs and go racing this year.

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