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1995 Ford Mustang

GT 302/5.0L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Multiple
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

What started out as my first Mustang [2006] has turned into one hell of a learning experience. I have made mistakes with my engine combo, double [hell, triple] spent on certain items, and even re-purposed the entire project three times. When the original 5.0 developed a rod knock [2008], we replaced it with a simple 306 [2009] with ported heads, E303 cam and an explorer intake that made 243/298. It served me well for about six months when it lost oil pressure and I parked it. After some decision making, I had a 410w built and thats when things got frusterating. The project went on a roller coaster of highs and lows for a few years [2009-2012] and work was only sporadic at best. The paint mostly fell off, parts were stolen, finally got it running [2013] but discovered the valve springs were too soft. That led to the already junk heads being CNC ported, correct valve springs installed, a new intake, and long tube headers being installed. [2014] Along the way, I had even started collecting parts for an IRS swap but then sold the IRS swap for a watts link [2015] and now, after changing my mind AGAIN, I'm going with a PHB/HD torque arm combo from Maximum Motorsports. [2016] Wrecked my daily driver '98 GT, sold the 410w and bought a rebuilt 4.6 4V from a wrecked 98 Cobra. The original intent was to make three cars into one. Then I discovered the 4v had a couple of burnt valves and a blown head gasket. Crap. So, I just bought a 2015 F150 for a daily driver. [2017] Collected parts, stripped the '95 to the shell and completely rewired it to '98 specs. [2018] Built the engine with a metric FK ton of help from my friend William Luketich and have spent the rest of the year "finishing it". [2019] Ok, so I still haven’t finished it. So far this year (4-24-19) I’ve mostly finished the Holley HP installation, relocated the battery to the trunk and I’m closing in on a first start. (8-3-2019) Finally have gotten all of the Maximum Motorsports suspension parts installed and swapped out some old body panels for better parts. It’s crunch time. (again) 4.6 4V Teksid block, painted black 10.45:1 Diamond 30012 pistons Total Seal AP SS rings Boss 302 rods Clevite H-series rod bearings Kellogg crank Clevite H-series crank bearings Boundary Billet 3V/GT500 oil pump ARP fasteners throughout MMR oil pan 2003 Cobra heads [rebuilt] 2003 Cobra cams Wonder Racing head cooling mod Mach 1 intake stock throttle body JLT cold air intake Coil on plug conversion Holley HP efi standalone Fuel Modified 96-98 fuel rails Aeromotive 340 lph intake 2015 Mustang injectors (34#) Exhaust BBK long tube headers 2.5" BBK off-road X-pipe 2.5" Bassani catback Drivetrain: T45 [billet shift forks, bronze fork pads, carbon synchros] Pro 5.0 shifter with Steeda handle Unknown brand, 6 puck clutch and stock flywheel Steeda double hook clutch quadrant 8.8 with Eaton Truetrac, Yukon 31 spline axles, Strange C-Clip eliminators 4.10 gears Suspension: Maximum Motorsports tubular K member Maximum Motorsports forward offset control arms Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates Maximum Motorsports MM3 struts Maximum Motorsports RA2 shocks Maximum Motorsports front and rear coil overs Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors Maximum Motorsports road race control arms Maximum Motorsports rear adjustable sway bar Maximum Motorsports panhard bar Maximum Motorsports heavy duty torque arm Brakes, wheels and tires: 18x9/18x10 Forgestar F14 with 275/35/18 tires 18x10/18x11 Enkei RS05RR no tires lol Dodge Viper/Brembo calipers with Autology brackets 14” GT500 rotors 13” Baer Eradispeed +1 rear rotor kit Powerstop Trackday pads Interior: 98 GT interior Corbeau Forza Sport drivers seat Corbeau FX1 passenger seat billet Unicorn head light knob rear seat delete Cobra gauge cluster Exterior: export tail lights Carbon Fiber T1 spoiler carbon fiber wiper cowl Madd Retros custom black retro-fitted projector headlights Cobra front bumper Misc Converted to hydroboost brakes Converted power steering hoses to AN hoses 2000 Cobra R steering rack

Future Plans

Parts pending installation: MM Roll bar MM race shock mounts Carter’s Custom street splitter custom leather wrapped Momo steering wheel Flowmaster tail pipes Whipple 2.3 Department of Boost Titanic heat exchanger T56 swap Ram Twin Disc clutch Corbeau FX1 micro suede passenger seat Fluidyne radiator setup to delete coolant crossover and degas tank

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