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Firemn2199's Grayce

2004 Ford F-150

XL 281/4.6L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Dark Metallic Silver
  • Drivetrain: 4x4

Vehicle Overview

Purchased in 2017 for $8900, as a Factory F-150, with an Under Performing 4.6 V-8.”One of Fords Stupider Decisions”. Oh it Runs okay, However a little in need of a Real Ford motor. I hope to one day get another with something a bit Bigger. I mean really.,, For such a heavy and somewhat large Truck. So after 2 years I have lifted it 4”, put new Tires and Wheels ( 35x12.50x17” tires) Force 4 Wheels. Fender Flairs, New Headlights, TailLights, Custom Front Winch Bumper with 12,500 lb. winch. Folding Bed Cover and full vehicle custom Emergency Lighting. New Intake, Throttle Body, High output Fuel Injectors, New High Output Coil Packs, New High Performance Spark Plugs, O2’ censors and new other Emission Parts. New Custom Exhaust System. New Breaks and Performance Slotted and Drilled Rotors. With Lots of Off Road Lighting. Upgraded Touchscreen Stereo w/ JBL and Subwoofers and Amp.

Future Plans

Unfortunately the first year I purchased the truck, it received some Hail Damage on the Hood and Minor roof damage. It’s not a Show Truck but it’s Mine. Paid Cash and is in Nice Condition for being 16 years old. It’s Clean but not so much that I’m scared to take it OffRoading. The photo here doesn’t show my New Front Bumper but it’s now on the Truck. Also I’ve upgraded the Grill Again and put another New Brighter Emergency LightBar on it. It’s a Ford., so it’s Always a Work in Process. She’s my Girl. Her Name is, Grayce and I’ll add more as time goes on.

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